$1.8M Raised In Pre-Seed Funding By Whalesync - A Startup Syncing Data Between Software Apps

In today's fast-paced business world, time is of the essence and every second counts. That's why companies must have a reliable data syncing solution like Whalesync that can save them time and money while improving their productivity and efficiency.

$1.8M Raised In Pre-Seed Funding By Whalesync - A Startup Syncing Data Between Software Apps

Whalesync, a promising start-up that aims to streamline data syncing between software applications, has announced raising $1.8M in pre-seed funding. It is provided by YC, Ascend, Liquid2, and other investors.

With the increasing need for data connectivity and process automation, Whalesync is poised to revolutionize the way we work with software applications. The potential application of Whalesync's technology extends beyond the realm of just personal convenience, and it could in fact greatly benefit organizations by saving them time and money while boosting their productivity.

Vision Of Whalesync

Whalesync's innovative approach to providing seamless syncing between different software applications has the potential to completely transform the way companies interact with their data.

By cutting down on manual input and reducing errors that can arise from multiple data entry points, Whalesync provides a much-needed solution for companies looking to streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

Businesses can save time and money by using Whalesync to streamline the process of automating data transfers and integrating software applications, which will increase productivity and efficiency.

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About Whalesync

Whalesync is a Seattle-based firm that offers a no-code integration platform to make it simple for companies to sync data between various software programmes.

  • The platform from Whalesync enables users to build workflows that connect different software programmes and automate data transfers without the need for coding.

  • Businesses may benefit from automating data transfer procedures in this way to save time and money that would otherwise be required for manually transferring data across apps.

  • As a result, businesses don't need to engage expensive engineers or become proficient in difficult coding languages to simply connect and automate their procedures.


  • ETL (extract, transfer, load) and reverse-ETL pipelines are currently being used by large businesses to transport data into and out of data warehouses.

  • The company learned from these best practices and produced innovative technology to simplify the setup process and provide the value of data synchronisation to SMBs, who are now using automation tools to transmit data across applications.

  • The company provides a number of capabilities, including drag-and-drop workflow creation, built-in connectors for well-known software programmes, and real-time process monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • The platform has been created to be simple to use and open to companies of all sizes, even those with little to no technological know-how.

About Curtis Fonger and Matthew Busel

Curtis Fonger and Mathew Busel are the co-founders of whalesync

Curtis Fonger

  • He was the founder of former Seattle business Appetas, used to assist restaurant operators in building customisable websites with integration to delivery services like OpenTable and GrubHub.

  • Fonger spent six years as an engineer at Google before the company purchased Appetas in 2014.

Mathew Busel

  • Before joining Thylacine Capital as a software consultant, Busel was a product manager at MakeSpace.

  • Busel launched Referralboard, a Slack plugin that allowed users to collect points by referring staff members to their supervisors.

The two met while using Y Combinator's founder matching tool, and their firm became the first to graduate from the accelerator after its founders connected through the networking initiative.

Future Of Whalesync

The need for data syncing has only increased in recent years with the growing reliance on technology and software applications to streamline workflow processes.

  • As we use more and more software applications to manage our businesses, it becomes increasingly important that these tools can work together seamlessly, allowing for accurate data sharing and analysis.

  • Without an efficient data syncing solution like Whalesync, businesses risk falling behind their competitors who have embraced technology to streamline their operations.

  • Whalesync has hit the right notes and is poised to prove its might in future.

  • The company opted not to disclose sales figures but noted that it had already attracted "hundreds of consumers."

  • Among of its early user applications include Webflow's events calendar and Alchemy's Dapp Store, which syncs its Airtable and Webflow using Whalesync's technology.

  • Whalesync will compete with significant file syncing businesses like Zapier and HubSpot.