Aiberry Raises Seed Funding Of $8M For Mental health Screening Using AI

Aiberry is an innovative startup using AI technology to transform mental health care. Their mission is to increase access to mental health resources, reduce the stigma around mental health issues and provide better treatment options for people in need.

Aiberry Raises Seed Funding Of $8M For Mental health Screening Using AI

In a promising development for the field of mental health,  Aiberry, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered mental health screening, revealed that it has raised $8 million in seed funding, led by Confluence Capital Group with participation from the VC fund Ascension AI.

The new funds will be used to speed up the adoption of the Aiberry platform, which employs an AI-powered therapeutic assistant to conduct a conversation to detect mental health disorders by listening to what is said, observing speech patterns, and even detecting minute changes in facial expressions.

The profound impact of this platform cannot be overstated. Mental health is an often-overlooked aspect of general well-being, and AI-based technology like Aiberry's screening platform has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach mental health diagnosis and treatment. This funding is a vital step in the right direction toward accurate and efficient mental health screening for everyone.

Need For AI In Mental Health

The need for AI in mental health care cannot be ignored. Traditional methods of mental health screening and diagnosis often fall short, with long wait times, high costs, and unreliable results.

  • AI-based technology has the potential to overcome these challenges. It can provide accurate and efficient diagnosis, enabling earlier interventions that ultimately lead to better treatment outcomes.

  • With the growing demand for mental health services worldwide, the time has come for mental health care providers to allocate their resources towards cutting-edge AI technologies that can transform the field of mental health and improve patient outcomes on an unprecedented scale.

  • AI technology has the potential to provide customized treatment plans based on individual patient needs, thereby improving overall efficacy and outcomes.

  • By supporting AI in mental health care, we can also reduce the stigma often associated with seeking help for mental health issues.

  • Let us not ignore the potential of AI in mental health care.

About Aiberry

Providing AI-driven mental health care services is the area of expertise of Seattle-based startup Aiberry. By fusing advanced AI technology with personalized, human-centered treatment, the company hopes to enhance the outcomes for people's mental health.

  • In order to assess and comprehend patient data, such as speech patterns, facial expressions, and other nonverbal indications, Aiberry uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing.

  • Aiberry uses the data it collects to create individualised treatment plans and recommendations.


  • With a focus on offering care to marginalised regions, the company's services are made to be both affordable and accessible.

  • Individual counselling, group therapy, and medication management are just a few of the services that Aiberry provides. These services are provided remotely through a secure website.

About Confluence Capital Group

Confluence Capital Group is a venture capital firm that focuses on making real estate investments.

  • It also offers advice to clients in the fields of asset management, investment research, and capital raising. The company works with a variety of investors, including family offices, institutional investors, and high-net-worth individuals.

  • It has led the seed funding round for Aiberry, demonstrating their commitment to investing in innovative technologies that have the potential to create a positive social impact.

  • Their investment in Aiberry and the AI-based mental health screening platform is a strong endorsement of the technology's potential to revolutionize mental health care.

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About Ascension AI

Ascension AI is an expert in creating AI-driven software solutions for companies. The company's main goal is to assist businesses to automate their operations and make data-driven decisions by using advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Healthcare providers may now improve patient outcomes, cut costs, and increase operational efficiency with the help of Ascension AI's solutions.

In addition to machine learning algorithms for clinical decision support, the company's healthcare solutions also include natural language processing for medical transcription and predictive analytics for patient readmissions.

About The Founders

  • Aiberry, which is pronounced "I-berry," is the result of research conducted by co-founder Newton Howard and his associates.

  • At Oxford University, Howard, a neuroscientist and computer scientist, investigated ways to apply computational techniques to evaluate mental health by examining facial expressions and the content and tone of speech.

  • Chung, a former speech-language pathologist, and Bjorklund, an electrical engineer and current CEO of Bellevue, Washington-based Betacom, are the other co-founders.

  • Lior Auslander, the startup's executive vice president of product and technology and a former executive at Ericsson, completes the co-founding team.

Working Of Aiberry

  1. Every digital device having a camera and microphone can use Aiberry's tool.

  2. It asks the user questions like "how have you been feeling lately?" over the course of a three to five minute chat. The programme adjusts to the user's speech manner.

  3. You can chat to her like you would with a trusted friend or a therapist."

  4. Aiberry collects the data and displays it on a dashboard that offers a risk score.


  1. It can access mental health problems including depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation,

  2. Also, it offers perceptions into energy, focus, and mood.

  3. The goal is to provide medical professionals with an alternative to traditional clinical screening questionnaires

  4. With Aiberry, patients can monitor their own symptoms.

  5. According to the company, Aiberry's platform complies with federal health privacy laws.

Future Of The Platform

In September, Aiberry began a clinical investigation at institutions like Georgetown University and the University of Arizona. With 800 patients, the study will assess its capacity to forecast self-reported symptoms of depression and anxiety and compare the results to those from conventional checklists.

  • Although the business presently sells to doctors, it sees prospects for marketing in corporate wellness in the future.

  • It also looks forward to collaboration with other businesses involved in mental health, like Talkspace, Headspace Health, and Teledoc Health.

  • Screening people frequently at businesses, medical facilities, and schools, can assist them with early detection, which results in early intervention and better outcomes.


With these goals Aiberry promises to integrate AI-based technology into mental health care services and prioritize innovation in order to make quality mental health care accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or economic status.