Hilos Received $3M Funding To Boost Its Production

Hilos is a 3D printing business that specialises in employing 3D scanning technology to make personalized shoes. The company's goal is to eliminate the need for mass-produced shoes and reduce waste in order to establish a more ethical and sustainable footwear business.

Hilos Received $3M Funding To Boost Its Production

Hilos,  a 3D-printed shoe startup has received $3 million in funding to boost its production. This is exciting news for both the fashion industry and environmentally-conscious consumers alike. By utilizing 3D printing technology, Hilos sets a new standard for sustainability and innovation in the footwear industry.

This investment shows a promising shift towards sustainable production practices in fashion. As consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact. Companies that prioritize sustainable production demonstrate a commitment to meeting the needs of today's socially responsible customers. By supporting companies like Hilos, consumers can encourage the fashion industry to prioritize sustainability over short-term profits.

About Hilos

Hilos is a startup that specializes in producing 3D-printed shoes using innovative technology to create stylish, comfortable, and sustainable footwear.

  • Kegan Schouwenburg, who was formerly the CEO of the 3D printing firm Sols, launched the business in 2017.

  • To make shoes that are unique to each consumer, Hilos combines 3D printing, scanning, and design software.

  • The company's goal is to eliminate the need for mass-produced shoes and reduce waste in order to develop a more ethical and sustainable footwear business.

  • Their commitment to sustainability is evident not only in their production process but also in the materials they use.

  • Hilos uses only recycled materials and fully biodegradable soles in their shoes.

  • This sustainable approach to production is not only a unique selling point for Hilos but it also sets an important precedent for other fashion brands to follow.

About Elias Stahl

  • Elias Stahl replaced Kegan Schouwenburg as CEO of Hilos.

  • Elias Stahl was the Director of Product Management at Formlabs, a 3D printing business, before he joined Hilos.


  • Stahl, has a wealth of experience in the 3D printing sector.

  • He is in charge of directing the creation of Hilos' ground-breaking 3D printing technology for personalised footwear.

Working Of Hilos And Its Funding?

Hilos, a 3D-printed footwear firm based in Portland, has received $3 million to support its initiatives to lessen the carbon footprint associated with shoe production.

Portland, known as the heart of American shoemaking, is now home to Hilos. Athletes' behemoths Nike, Adidas, Columbia, and Keen have their headquarters in the area and the area is also at the cutting edge of 3D printing technology.

The Making:

  • Using 3D printers and thermoplastic polyurethane powder, the company created a proprietary process for producing modular footwear pieces.


  • The footwear assemblies undergo AMT post-processing.

  • The procedure uses digital toolchains and newly-patentable innovative shoemaking techniques to create the products.

Marketing Strategy:

  • The firm offers shoe manufacturers a "click-to-ship" supply chain in which buyers may order shoes and have them created using one of Hilos' 3D printers on demand.

  • The business lists several advantages of the strategy, including quicker customer turnaround times, less need for inventory, and lower carbon emissions from overseas manufacturing.

  • Southeast Asia presently produces the majority of shoes.

  • According to Hilo, the company is already making money, and Helm Boots is one of its clients.

  • In addition, the business offers its own branded range of sandals, heels, loafers, and clogs for $225 to $375.


  • Eric Sprunk, a former Nike COO, and Greg Bui, a former Nike VP of global footwear procurement and manufacturing, both participated in the funding round.

  • Participating venture capital firms were Better Ventures, Builders VC, and XRC Labs.

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How Will The Funding Help Hilos?

The $3 million funding will enable Hilos to enhance its production capacity and accelerate the development of new products, further advancing its commitment to sustainability and innovation in the footwear industry.

  • With increased production capacity and the development of new products, Hilos will be able to offer a greater variety of sustainable options for eco-conscious consumers looking for fashionable and comfortable footwear that aligns with their values.

  • Moreover, greater production capacity allows Hilos to make their sustainable footwear more accessible and affordable for consumers.

  • This is a win-win for both the fashion industry and environmentally-conscious consumers, as sustainable production practices become more widely adopted and accessible to all.


  • In conclusion, by investing in companies like Hilos that prioritize sustainability, we can promote responsible practices in the fashion industry and ensure a better future for our planet and future generations.

  • Together, we can make a difference and show that sustainability is not just a trend but a crucial aspect of responsible business practices.

  • Let's take a step towards sustainable fashion and support companies like Hilos by investing in their eco-friendly footwear today.