Latchel Raised An Undisclosed Amount Of Funding From Allegion Ventures

Latchel gained a reputation as one of the most promising players in the property management landscape. With the support of Allegion Ventures and its dedication to investing in disruptive technologies, Latchel develops cutting-edge solutions that benefit both property managers and tenants alike.

Latchel Raised An Undisclosed Amount Of Funding From Allegion Ventures

Latchel, a property management software platform, has recently received an undisclosed amount of funding from Allegion Ventures. This funding marks the beginning of a promising partnership that has the potential to revolutionize property management as we know it.

With Latchel's innovative approach to property management and Allegion Ventures' track record of investing in disruptive technologies, this collaboration is poised to bring cutting-edge solutions to the property management industry.

Property management is a complex and challenging industry that requires constant innovation, adaptability, and efficiency to achieve success. With the support of Allegion Ventures, Latchel can streamline and optimize property management processes to help property managers work more effectively.

About Latchel

Latchel is a property management software platform that provides 24/7 maintenance assistance to ensure renters have an optimal renting experience.

  • By leveraging the latest in technology and a team of skilled professionals, Latchel's innovative approach to property management is setting new standards for excellence in the property management industry.

  • With its user-friendly interface and emphasis on customer service, Latchel has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most promising players in the property management landscape.

  • They provide a cloud-based platform that enables property owners to delegate maintenance work to Latchel's staff of experts, who take care of every part of the maintenance process from contacting vendors to managing tenant relations.


  • The services provided by Latchel include maintaining vendor connections to assure top-notch work and reasonable pricing, as well as managing emergency maintenance requests, routine maintenance activities, and vendor coordination.

  • Additionally, they offer real-time data and updates to keep property owners updated on the state of their properties.

  • With the support of Allegion Ventures and its dedication to investing in disruptive technologies, Latchel can continue to develop cutting-edge solutions that will benefit both property managers and tenants alike.

  • Whether you are a property manager or a tenant, Latchel's comprehensive and innovative approach to property management promises to make your life easier

About Allegion Ventures

Allegion Ventures is a strategic corporate venture capital fund that identifies, invests in and accelerates emerging technologies for the global security industry.

  • With a focus on security, Allegion Ventures is committed to investing in innovative technologies that can help transform the property management industry, making it more efficient and sustainable.

  • By partnering with promising companies like Latchel, Allegion Ventures is investing in the future of property management and positioning itself as a leader in the industry, which ultimately benefits property managers, tenants, and the real estate industry as a whole.


  • Furthermore, Allegion Ventures' commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability provides a much-needed boost for the property management industry.

  • As more people become aware of the benefits of sustainable and innovative property management technologies, Allegion Ventures' investment in Latchel sets an example for other venture capital firms and investors to follow.

Latchel's and Allegion Ventures Collaboration

  • Latchel, The Seattle-area business offers renters insurance, facilitates tenant requests, and bills service providers by selling software to landlords and property management companies. With more than 100,000 rental units countrywide, Latchel primarily serves long-term single-family homes.

  • The company continues to push services into the multifamily market and that Allegion Ventures' expertise in the area of building access is extremely valuable to the team as they work to make a big difference for property managers looking to operate at the next level.

  • Because to the massive acquisition of single-family rental properties by Wall Street and private equity groups in recent years, there has been an increase in demand for Latchel. The platform for the institutional investors services is provided by independent property management companies.

  • The startup's most recent round of funding, spearheaded by F-Prime Capital, saw it raise $16.7 million in July. Y Combinator, RiverPark Ventures, MetaProp, Bain Capital Ventures, 1984 Ventures, and Hack VC are just a few of the more backers.

  • Allegion sells hardware for door security, including locks and knobs, as well as software that works with the hardware. The company's five-year-old venture arm announced at the time that it would issue checks between $500,000 and $10 million when it opened a $100 million fund in 2021.

  • The self storage business Stuf received the most recent investment from Allegion Ventures, which concluded a $11 million round in February. Latchel's deal's financial details weren't made public.

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Latchel's innovative property management solutions and Allegion Ventures' commitment to investing in disruptive technologies are significant steps towards a more sustainable future in the property management industry.

  • As a result of such cutting-edge solutions and strategic investments, property managers can offer better services to tenants while increasing their own efficiency and profitability.

  • It creates a positive cycle of innovation, growth and improvement in the property management industry.

  • By embracing new technologies and investing in promising companies, property managers can stay ahead of the competition and position themselves as leaders in the industry.

  • Therefore, it is imperative for property managers to keep themselves informed about the latest trends and advancements in technology.

  • By doing so, they can make informed decisions about their investment in property management technology and leverage the benefits that come with it.