Lightfox Games Raises $6M in Series A Funding To Develop A New Game

The team at Lightfox Games has a proven track record for creating games that are engaging, immersive, and resonate with gamers globally. This new game from Lightfox Games is sure to bring a unique and captivating experience that gamers have been eagerly waiting for.

Lightfox Games Raises $6M in Series A Funding To Develop A New Game

Lightfox Games, a leading game development studio, has recently secured $6 million in series A funding. Information about who led the funding is not disclosed. This is exciting news for all the gamers who have been eagerly waiting for a new game to hit the market! This new funding provides Lightfox Games with the opportunity to bring their next project to life, without any financial constraints.

With this new investment, Lightfox Games can continue to invest in innovative technologies and creative talent, ensuring that their latest game will be nothing short of exceptional.

About Lightfox Games

Lightfox Games is situated in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. A collection of industry veterans that had previously worked at businesses including Amazon Game Studios, Activision, and Microsoft formed the studio in 2019.

  • Their debut game, Knight's Edge (formerly known as Super Battle League), is a mobile action game with RPG and tactical components. Players command a team of heroes and engage in real-time combat with other players in the game's mediaeval fantasy environment.

  • Lightfox Games is renowned for creating engaging and immersive video games. Their team of experts has years of experience in game design, programming, and marketing. They have a proven track record of creating games that resonate with gamers globally.

  • Since the release of Knight's Edge in 2021, Lightfox Games has been working on upgrades and enhancements. Additionally, they have mentioned that they intend to create more games in the future.

  • This new funding for Lightfox Games is a testament to the incredible work done by their team and it brings with it high expectations for their next game.

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Details Of The Game:

Lightfox intends to make more information about its new project available "This summer". Gamers, get ready to immerse yourselves in a new world of thrilling gaming experiences!

  • The game self-describes as a "PvP Raid Arena" for iOS and Android. Knight's Edge, groups players in groups of three, and they are then pitted against both monsters and the teams of other players in a race to finish each combat first.

  • Knight's Edge mixes aspects of action, strategy, and role-playing games. Gamers assume the role of knights engaged in epic battles in a fantasy world full of fantastic creatures. There are several different game modes in the game, such as team battles, solo combat, and cooperative raids.

  • Customizing and enhancing the knights with various weapons, armour, and skills is one of Knight's Edge's distinctive characteristics. The game also has a robust social system that enables players to engage in guild combat, talk with other players, and join guilds.

About Ryan Hanft-Murphy

Ryan Hanft-Murphy, the CEO of Lightfox Games is a highly experienced and talented individual who has been instrumental in the success of his company.

He is one of many Lightfox founders who formerly worked for Seattle-based gaming startup Z2 which King, the maker of the popular smartphone game Candy Crush, purchased in 2015. Following Activision Blizzard's 2016 acquisition of King, Z2 was taken down in 2019.

Who Led The Funding?

  • Cherry Freeman, the founder/partner of Hiro Capital, and Louis Gresham, the director of March Gaming, are included in an SEC filing for Lightfox's most recent round of funding.

  • The venture capital funds March Games in Santa Monica, California, and Hiro Capital in London both have a specific focus on video games and metaverse technologies.

Louis Gresham is the director of UK-based mobile game development studio March Games. Gresham has experience in both game development and computer science, and he has contributed to the production of a number of popular mobile games.

Cherry Freeman is the founder and a partner of the company Hiro Capital. Freeman has a background in technology and finance and has previously worked for a number of prosperous businesses, including Nokia and Atari.


Lightfox Games is a game-changer in the gaming industry. Their exceptional track record, coupled with the support of industry leaders and investors, leaves no doubt in my mind that these games will be nothing short of phenomenal