Rebellyous A Plant-Based Chicken Startup Raised $9.5M In Series B funding

The innovative approach to creating delicious and cruelty-free plant-based chicken products is revolutionizing the food industry. Companies like Rebellyous will continue to grow in popularity to keep pace with the present trend.

Rebellyous A Plant-Based Chicken Startup Raised $9.5M In Series B funding

As the demand for plant-based protein continues to grow, many startups are emerging to provide sustainable and ethical alternatives to meat. One such startup is Rebellyous, which recently raised $9.5 million in series B funding. It hopes to raise $30.7M according to Feb 3 US Securities and exchange commission filing.

Rebellyous is an incredibly innovative company that is leading the charge for a more sustainable future.  Their plant-based chicken products are disrupting the food industry in all the right ways, as they offer a cruelty-free alternative to traditional chicken. This recent influx of funding for Rebellyous will undoubtedly allow the company to further develop their delicious and high-quality plant-based chicken products.

The Beginning Of Rebellyous

Rebellyous Foods is a food technology-based startup that creates meat substitutes made from plants. With the intention of producing economical and ethical plant-based meats that might lessen the negative environmental effects of animal agriculture, the business was established in Seattle, Washington, in 2017 by Christie Lagally, a former Boeing engineer.

  • Innovating technology is used by Rebellyous Foods to create its plant-based meats. Plant-based chicken nuggets, patties, and tenders are among the company's offerings; they are made to resemble typical meat products in terms of flavour and texture.

  • It is dedicated to promoting social responsibility and improving working conditions in the food business in addition to its focus on affordability and sustainability. The company collaborates with neighbourhood businesses and groups to foster job growth and long-term economic development in the areas where it operates.

  • In the future years, the company wants to increase distribution of its plant-based meat products, which are now accessible in a few American restaurants and food service establishments.


The Vision Behind Mock 2

"Mock2" is started with the goal of lowering expenses across the board, including labour costs (by automation), energy costs (by doing away with the requirement for a chilly atmosphere), hygienic costs, trash costs, and rework costs.

  • Lagally stated that the business has been honing its "mock 2" plant-based meat production machinery, which can produce the dough required for its goods and allows Rebellyous to produce its food at a commercial scale.

  • food processing machinery is the core of the business. The whole objective is to avoid making plant-based meat using outdated machinery designed for processing meat, which is not a good fit.

  • With the funds, it will be able to deploy the "Mock2"—the company's newest technology—at its manufacturing facility in Seattle, raising yields and lowering labour costs while producing 2,500 lbs of plant-based chicken an hour (compared to 100 lbs now).

  • Rebellyous Foods' chilled automated system, permits the continual manufacturing of plant-based meat.

  • This means you won't experience issues like more hydrated TVP degrading the quality of the remaining TVP or an uneven emulsion that only partially emulsifies the finished dough.

  • Due to the fact that it is a continuous process, you won't run into the issue where repeatedly mixing the finished dough makes it increasingly hot.

  • With this new technology Rebellyous hopes to expand its business many folds.

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Rebellyous Main Customers

  • Rebellyous primary client base is schools. They currently provide breaded nuggets, tenders and patties to 1,100 retail locations, mostly in the Pacific Northwest, and 109 school districts under the USDA National School Lunch Program feeding 2 million+ students nationwide.

  • 90% of the sales since the middle of 2021 have come from schools. The great majority of school districts in the US have relatively small budgets.

  • By January 2024, the company aims to lower prices so that they are equal to or even slightly below the cost of chicken items made from animal.


  • By selling its goods in grocery shops, Rebellyous plans to compete with other industry pioneers in the alternative meat sector.

  • The company tell its customers, If you're going to buy chicken, choose ours because it contains less sodium, less saturated fat, and no cholesterol.

  • These are a few strategies it employs to increase its client's base.


As consumers become more conscious of their impact on the environment and animal welfare, plant-based protein alternatives like Rebellyous will continue to grow in popularity.

Join the movement towards a more ethical and sustainable food industry by supporting companies like Rebellyous. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world.