The Startup Earth Finance By Senator Reuven Carlyle Raised $14M in Seed Funding

As the global climate crisis continues to accelerate, investors are recognizing that sustainable practices and green technologies will be key to both preserving our planet and generating economic growth. Earth Finance is poised to make a significant impact, both environmentally and financially.

The Startup Earth Finance By Senator Reuven Carlyle Raised $14M in Seed Funding

Senator Reuven Carlyle's startup, Earth Finance, has recently raised an impressive $14 million in seed funding. He retired from the Washington State Senate last month and is starting a business that will offer a range of services to assist companies in minimizing their climate impacts.

This is a significant achievement for the company and shows that investors have faith in Carlyle's vision of creating a platform that will help to tackle climate change by connecting investors and innovators in the green economy. The substantial seed funding received by Earth Finance is a testament to the urgent need for innovative solutions in combating climate change, making this startup one to watch closely in the coming years.

About The Sartup - Earth Finance

Earth Finance is a corporate strategy and climate investing organisation that embraces the nexus of strategy, investing, public policy, and science.

  • Earth Finance offers customers financially responsible and operationally viable alternatives to decarbonization.

  • It was founded by veteran climate strategy advisor Garrett Kephart, former Washington State Senator Reuven Carlyle, and institutional investment executive Bryan Weeks.

  • Many businesses aim to achieve net zero or net positive status by 2050 or earlier. A completely new way of thinking and acting is necessary to accomplish those goals while also allowing for further growth.

  • Earth Finance helps its global clients re-engineer their businesses and investments to reach and flourish in a net zero future by utilising inter-disciplinary expertise.

  • The clients of Earth Finance work in a variety of sectors, including retail, biochemicals, renewable energy, agriculture, financial services, and asset management.

  • At the complex nexus of investing, consulting, public policy, and technology, they offer deep domain experience.

Earth Finance's services Include:

  • Strategy and consulting services to assist firms in developing climate plans that complement their financial objectives;

  • Ivesting in and financing climate change, which involves gaining access to tax credits and other advantageous public policies;

  • Support for technology, such as analysis of the reliability and veracity of carbon offset possibilities.

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About The Founders

1. Bryan Weeks:
With more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry and team building, Earth Finance's CEO Bryan Weeks was formerly in charge of Russell Investment's Americas Institutional unit.

2. Reuven Carlyle:
Reuven Carlyle, a former state senator from Washington who served for 14 years and served as chair of the Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee. He is credited with creating a number of state-level climate laws that are now widely recognised, including 100% clean energy, cap and invest carbon pricing, and clean fuel standards.

3. Garrett Kephart:
Garrett Kephart, president of Earth Finance, is a seasoned executive and management consultant with more than 20 years of expertise developing solutions for sustainability, social impact, and growth.

Need For The Launch

Three significant federal climate policies — the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act — are still having an impact on society. Overall, they should make American attempts to reduce carbon emissions a little bit simpler.

  • In addition, with the GOP having recently taken control of the U.S. House of Representatives, national climate policy is now facing fresh challenges.

  • New study from BloombergNEF indicates that in 2022, investments in sustainable energy technology increased by 31%, matching capital expenditures for fossil fuels.

  • This capital reallocation demonstrates a commitment to achieving the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) goal of a 45% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

  • Carlyle is hopeful that the world can achieve its challenging climate goals, nevertheless. He makes reference to the talent boom in the field of climate technology, especially the calibre of applications to Earth Finance. He also has high expectations for the economic justification for taking action on climate change.

  • This outdated adage that climate change and sustainability are not economically viable is unworkable, according to Carlyle. "Taking care of the environment can pay off financially."


The success of Earth Finance's seed funding round is a testament to the important work being done by Reuven Carlyle and his team. With the funds raised, Earth Finance can continue to develop innovative solutions that drive environmental sustainability while creating value for investors.