TipHaus Raises $3.5M In Series A Funding Led By Fuse And Launches Banking Tool

If you're looking to simplify your company's tipping process and ensure that your employees are being fairly compensated for their hard work, TipHaus is the solution you've been searching for.

TipHaus Raises $3.5M In Series A Funding Led By Fuse And Launches Banking Tool

TipHaus, a platform that helps companies distribute tips to employees, has raised $3.5M in Series A funding led by Fuse. This is great news for companies looking to streamline their tipping process and provide a fair system for distributing tips among employees!

Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, TipHaus provides an innovative solution to the complicated and often stressful process of distributing tips. The recent Series A funding of $3.5M led by Fuse is a testament to the growing demand for this service and affirms the value that TipHaus brings to businesses.

Who IS TipHaus?

TipHaus is a platform that specializes in helping companies distribute tips to their employees.

  • For employees in the service sector, such as bartenders, servers, and baristas, the technology is intended to make payment processing simpler.

  • Customers may tip servers and pay bills directly through their cellphones, doing away with the need for cash or credit card transactions.

  • TipHaus offers analytics and reporting tools that let companies monitor sales and tips and employees monitor their wages and tips over time.

  • In addition to their funding news, TipHaus has also launched a new banking tool that enhances the platform's capabilities.

  • With TipHaus' new banking tool, companies can easily manage all of their tipping funds in one central location.

  • This not only saves valuable time and resources for businesses, but it also ensures that employees receive their hard-earned tips promptly and efficiently.

  • If you're looking to simplify your company's tipping process and ensure that your employees are being fairly compensated for their hard work, TipHaus is the solution you've been searching for.

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About TipHaus Funding and launch of banking tool

TipHaus, a startup in the Seattle area, received $3.5 million in new funding to modernise the way employers collect and distribute tips to workers.

  • 2018 saw the launch of TipHaus, which offers software to hospitality businesses to assist management in minimising tip distribution problems.

  • To combine tips, categorise them, and assign them to the appropriate staff person, the business connects with point-of-sale systems. It costs $99 a month for each site.

  • In September, the startup released a banking solution that enables enterprise customers to electronically disburse tips to their staff the same day that they are received.

  • According to CEO and co-founder Leif Magnuson, tipping is becoming more commonplace in numerous venues, including places like Subway. According to CNBC, the epidemic encouraged more customers to leave tips for service providers, and over the years, individuals have been tipping more money.

  • When restaurants closed due to the pandemic, TipHaus also suffered. The company's founders were on the verge of giving up.


  • However, the business thrived and currently has more than 2,000 outlets across the nation. Customers include the Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin, Texas, the Tikis in Honolulu, and the Ivar's in Seattle. With a number of large enterprise customers, including stadiums and theme parks, TipHaus is testing its technologies.

  • Magnuson claimed that although the business is not profitable, it is on course to turn a profit without the need for new funding, or a "default alive" endeavour.

  • TipHaus is in direct competition with Toast, a leading POS company that provides a tip pooling and allocation feature, as well as well-funded startups like Kickfin and 7Shifts.

  • After seeing that tip distribution was a typical source of frustration for restaurant managers, Magnuson created the business. He was the director of supply chain for Seattle-based eZip Labs before starting his own company.

About Founders And Funding

Leif Magnuson Founded the company in 2018. Along with Kirk Grogan, chief operating officer, the other executives of the company include co-founders Taylor Birkeland, vice president of engineering, and Mac Gainor, chief technology officer.

Early-stage venture firm Fuse, based in Seattle, led the majority of the investment. Sugar Mountain and Bill Moore, the former CEO of the headphone manufacturer Human, are further participants. TipHaus received a pre-seed round of funding from SeaChange Fund in May totaling $1.1 million.

Who IS Leif Magnuson?

A well-known businessman and entrepreneur named Leif Magnuson have had a number of prominent positions with numerous organisations. He is the company's founder and CEO. Viking Cold Solutions is situated in Houston and offers cold storage facilities energy storage and management solutions.


  • Magnuson served as the CEO of Houston-based Tellepsen Builders prior to founding Viking Cold Solutions. Additionally, he held the position of Vice President of Global Business Development at Hines, a Houston-based developer and manager of real estate.

  • Magnuson has won multiple honours for his efforts, including recognition as a Houston Business Journal "40 Under 40" recipient, a Gulf Coast Power Association "Rising Star," and a "Who's Who in Energy" honoree.

  • Additionally, he serves on the boards of directors for a number of institutions, including the Gulf Coast Power Association and the Houston Renewable Energy Network.

  • He recognized the challenges that businesses face when it comes to tipping and set out to create a solution that would make the process more streamlined and efficient.

  • With TipHaus, Magnuson has successfully solved a complex problem that many businesses face in today's world.


In conclusion, with Magnuson's experience and dedication to creating innovative solutions for today's complex business landscape, TipHaus offers a reliable platform that streamlines the tipping process for businesses and ensures that employees are treated fairly.