Web-Based Construction Startup "Digs" By Real Estate Vets Lands $7M In seed Funding

The construction industry is notorious for sticking to traditional methods and resisting change, but Digs is changing the game with a digital platform that streamlines communication and project management, helping construction companies save time and money while improving efficiency.

Web-Based Construction Startup "Digs" By Real Estate Vets Lands $7M In seed  Funding

The construction industry has long been known for its traditional practices and slow adoption of technology. However, a new web-based construction startup is making waves and disrupting the industry. Digs, founded by experienced real estate veterans, has recently secured $7 million in seed funding led by Fuse and Flying Fish. This is a testament to the potential that technology has in transforming traditional industries, such as construction.

Digs is revolutionizing the construction process by utilizing a digital platform that streamlines communication and project management. Gone are the days of relying on outdated methods that lead to costly mistakes and time-consuming delays.

Scope Of Digs

Digs, a Vancouver, Washington-based startup, disclosed a $7 million seed round from Fuse and Flying Fish. Others, investors include Betaworks, Legacy, Portland Seed Fund, and GFR. The additional funds will be used to improve go-to-market initiatives and grow headcount.

  • By using Digs' digital platform, construction companies can easily collaborate, manage timelines and budgets, track progress in real-time, and make data-driven decisions.

  • The benefits of Digs are not limited to construction companies alone. The use of Digs can lead to reduced costs and time of a construction project while allowing investors to monitor the progress from anywhere in the world.

  • Investing in Digs not only represents an opportunity for financial gain but also a chance to support the transformative power of technology in industries that have long resisted change.

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Working Of The Digs Platform

Ryan Fink and Ty Frackiewicz developed the web-based construction startup Digs. In order to make the process of identifying and hiring contractors for home repair and building projects simpler.

  • Using an online platform model, Digs connects homeowners with pre-approved, professional contractors. Users can enter the specifics of their job to receive numerous quotations from specialists who are competent to work on it. They can compare these quotes based on pricing, ratings, and reviews.

  • By utilising a floor plan on the platform, Digs users will be able to create a sort of digital hub for the building process. Stakeholders will be able to assign tasks, store documents, and make comments. The purpose is to coordinate the buildout communication by room on a single platform.


  • For instance, the homeowner might be given the duty of choosing the appliances they wish to install once the project manager uploads a list of available appliances and pins it to the kitchen. In order to improve overall efficiency, this enables real-time collaboration and communication between the management, homeowner, and builders.

  • In order to support customers in staying organised and on task during the construction process, the platform also offers project management tools and resources. Digs' goal is to improve accessibility, transparency, and efficiency for both homeowners and contractors involved in house remodelling and construction.

  • A hard binder or PDF document are not delivered to the homeowner. In its place, customers get a complete digital replica of their house that they can use after it is built.

  • The beta version of Digs is presently free. This will enhance the startup's user research and acceptance. Eventually, the business will consider charging builders a subscription fee.

  • The company primarily works with clients from Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. Rogue Builders, Cascade West, and Hinton Development are among its first customers.


About The Founders

Fink is a veteran businessperson. His initial venture was acquired by Atheer in 2015, and it was named ONtheGo Platforms, which made augmented reality glasses. He also launched Streem, a firm that created augmented reality (AR) technology for home renovation contractors and was bought out by the industry behemoth Frontdoor in 2019.

Frackiewicz, a key product manager at Amazon Pay at the moment, also serves as the company's CEO. Digs has 22 employees. He was once the co-founder and CPO of ONtheGo as well as the VP of product at Streem. Frackiewicz worked as a project manager for Montana's Highline Partners, a luxury home builder, before starting his career in technology.

Future Of Digs

According to industry research, the home building market is anticipated to reach $124 billion by the end of 2023. This is an excellent time for digs to expand its wings in this sector.

  • The construction industry has long been in dire need of a technological overhaul, and Digs is leading the way.

  • By providing an innovative, digital platform that streamlines communication and project management, Digs is revolutionizing the way construction companies do business.