What evidence Ali Alexander does he have against Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Explore the mystery surrounding Ali Alexander's claims of evidence against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the undisclosed crime, and its potential impact on her Congressional role. Delve into the validity and implications of Alexander's allegations.

What evidence Ali Alexander does he have against Marjorie Taylor Greene?

A fervent Trump supporter, Ali Alexander spearheaded the enigmatic "Stop the Steal" crusade culminating in the infamous Capitol breach on January 6th. Unexpectedly, Alexander collaborated with the Justice Department's inquest, emerging as the inaugural notable political persona to adopt such a stance. Presented with a grand jury subpoena, the prosecution clarified that Alexander remains untargeted in their probe. His input is predicted to shed light on the enigmatic "Women for America First" faction and the "Save America March" occurrences that transpired before the Capitol assault.

In the initial month of 2023, Alexander menaced to unveil substantiation incriminating Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of a transgression warranting her ejection from Congress. Though Alexander abstained from divulging specifics about Greene's purported offense, he mentioned its occurrence in Georgia. Previously, Alexander expressed animosity toward Greene, branding her a "harlot" and a "whore." The status of Alexander's pledge to disclose incriminating evidence against Greene remains indeterminate.

Alexander's history includes a 2007 criminal conviction, where he conceded guilt for felony property theft and received a 12-month probation sentence. Over time, Alexander evolved into an extreme-right provocateur, disseminating unfounded conspiratorial notions. On the fateful day of January 6th, Alexander's communication encompassed congressional aides, GOP strategists, white supremacists, fanatical devotees, and Oath Keepers. These textual exchanges grant a unique glimpse into the chronological progression of events for one of the day's most influential actors.

Ali Alexander asserts possession of proof incriminating Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in illicit activities, potentially resulting in her removal from Congress. Nevertheless, the specifics of the purported transgression remain undisclosed. Alexander's exact knowledge of incriminating material against Greene is ambiguous, as is whether the state of Georgia or other official entities have been exposed to any proof. Importantly, it must be recognized that in relation to the January 6 onslaught on the U.S. Capitol, Greene has not confronted legal charges.
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What is Marjorie Taylor Greene's response to these allegations?

There is no clear response from Marjorie Taylor Greene to Ali Alexander's allegations that she committed a crime that would get her expelled from Congress. When asked about Alexander during a disqualification hearing in April 2022, Greene claimed not to recall whether or not she knew him.

However, in a recent tweet, Alexander accused one of Greene's associates of child molestation, suggesting that Greene associates with "weirdos." It is unclear if this tweet relates to Alexander's previous allegations against Greene. Newsweek reached out to Greene's office for comment on Alexander's allegations, but there is no information available on whether she responded or not.

What is the alleged crime committed by Marjorie Taylor Greene according to Ali Alexander?

Ali Alexander has not provided details about the alleged crime that Marjorie Taylor Greene committed, which he claims would get her expelled from Congress. Instead, he has threatened to present evidence to the state of Georgia, and the state will decide whether to adjudicate the crime. Alexander referred to Greene's "drunken nights" and suggested that Congressional authorities would likely take action against her once he publicized his secret information. However, there is no clear information on what the alleged crime is.

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