Detailed Comparison - CCSK vs CCSP

Discover the key differences between CCSK and CCSP in our in-depth comparison. Learn about each certification's requirements, target audience, and benefits to make an informed decision for your cloud security career advancement.

Detailed Comparison - CCSK vs CCSP

When entering the sector of cloud security, this uncertainty is shared by many candidates. How do CCSK and CCSP differ from one another? Is CCSK worthwhile? CCSP: Is it difficult to pass? Etc. To assist you in comprehending their distinctions and resemblances, we shall go into great depth on both CCSK and CCSP. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned professional looking to further your career, look at this CCSP Course, which professionals created with years of relevant expertise.

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CCSK - Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

CCSK stands for Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, a widely recognized certification developed by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) that represents the standard of knowledge required to work with cloud security. The CCSK certificate provides a cohesive and vendor-neutral understanding of how to utilize cloud services more securely.

It is an individual certification that can be earned after passing an online exam. The CCSK certification is designed to provide a foundational knowledge of cloud security and is intended for IT professionals, security professionals, and business executives interested in cloud computing.

CSA's (Cloud Security Alliance) CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge) program. Initially introduced in 2011, this certification was one of the first tests to verify understanding of cloud security. This certification emphasizes business-driven and technical components of cloud security. In addition, the CCSK addresses governance, legal, and risk management issues.

It doesn't require upkeep because it is a certificate. It becomes yours once you obtain it. In comparison to CCSP, CCSK is significantly simpler to obtain. I advise you to visit the official CSA website to prepare for the certificate. For the most part, that will do.

With the aid of CCSK, you can comprehend cloud data security. Your foundation will be solidified, allowing you to add additional cloud credentials in the future that will be appropriate for particular employers or employment roles.

CCSK certification is available for CISOs, Enterprise Architects, Security Consultants, Security Engineers, and Security Architects professionals. The CCAK certification supplements the CCSP, CISSP, CISA, and other qualifications.

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CCSP - Certified Cloud Security Professional

The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) is a certification designed for experienced IT professionals with a minimum of five years of industry experience, three years in information security, and one year in one of the six CCSP domains. The CCSP certification builds off of (ISC)²'s Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and CSA's Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK). The CCSP is a global credential representing the highest standard for cloud security expertise and was co-created by (ISC)² and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

Becoming a CCSP demonstrates to potential employers that you have the technical skills to secure valuable assets in the cloud1. Earning the globally recognized CCSP cloud security certification is a proven way to build your career and better secure critical assets in the cloud. You must recertify every three years to remain in good standing with your CCSP.

This certification is made available by (ISC)2 or the International Information System Security Certification Consortium to experts with several years of experience in the field of cloud security.

Professionals with CCSP certification from (ISC)2 are expected to be knowledgeable and skilled in governance, data center security, and privacy-related topics. Compared to CISSP-certified professionals, CCSP-certified professionals are considered far more informed and competent.

The CCSP requires professionals pursuing the certification to have specific work experience. To sit for the exam, a professional must have five years of work experience in the IT industry, three of which must be in information security. Any of the six domains listed in the CBK of CCSP could be one year or longer.

A few exceptions exist, such as the ability to replace the CCSP with a year of work experience if you obtain the CISSP. And if you pass the CCSP exam but do not yet have the necessary job experience, you have six years to become an Associate of (ISC)2 and gain five years of experience.

In addition to covering legal, risk, and compliance topics, the CCSP exam covers six categories, including cloud architecture, cloud data security, cloud security operations, cloud application security, cloud platform security, and infrastructure security. After receiving this certification, you will gain expertise in these areas and the capacity to assist businesses in protecting their cloud architecture from nefarious threats and intrusions. To learn more, read this CCSP tutorial.

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The CCSK certification costs $395 for the standard exam and $595 for the CCSK Plus exam, which includes additional hands-on labs. On the other hand, the CCSP certification costs $599.
It is important to note that the CCSP certification recognizes the value of the CCSK certification and provides that CCSK can be a substitute for one year of work experience in six of the seven CCSP domains. Both certifications are designed to provide comprehensive training in cloud security principles. Therefore, they are ideal for appraising one's limits, needs, and familiarity with cloud security before choosing the right type of examination.

Comparison - CCSK vs CCSP

CCSK and CCSP are two different cloud security certifications that provide comprehensive training in cloud security principles. The CCSK certification is designed to provide a foundational knowledge of cloud security and is intended for IT professionals, security professionals, and business executives interested in cloud computing. On the other hand, the CCSP certification is designed for experienced IT professionals who want to advance their careers in cloud-based cybersecurity. The CCSP certification requires a minimum of five years of experience in the industry, with three of those years being in information security and one year in one of the six CCSP domains.

The CCSP examination tests knowledge and practice, comprising multiple-choice questions and reality-posed problem-solving. In contrast, the CCSK exam is a multiple-choice exam that tests the candidate's knowledge of cloud security. While both certifications complement each other, they have some differences. The CCSP certification is more advanced and requires more experience than the CCSK certification. The CCSP certification is also more widely recognized globally and is considered more respected because it comes from ISC2 and is a proctored exam.

CCSK and CCSP certifications are valuable for cloud security professionals. The CCSK certification provides foundational knowledge of cloud security, while the CCSP certification is more advanced and requires more experience. The certifications complement each other, and professionals can choose the right type of examination based on their limits, needs, and familiarity with cloud security.

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The CCSK is a foundational level certificate that will assist you in laying the groundwork for a career in cloud security. On the other hand, CCSP is a highly well-known certification provided by a reputable organization that aids in validating your technical knowledge and domain mastery.