Unbox Therapy Shares Apple iPhone 15 Ultra Mockup

Unbox Therapy unveils an iPhone 15 Ultra mockup, comparing it to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Key features include a distinct glass back, matte titanium frame, USB Type-C port, and a compact camera module.

Unbox Therapy Shares Apple iPhone 15 Ultra Mockup

In rampant speculation surrounding Apple's forthcoming iPhone 15 flagship series, tech review YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has acquired an Apple iPhone 15 Ultra prototype. The non-functional representation of the highly anticipated device was unveiled in an in-depth video hosted by Lewis Hilsenteger.

This is the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra - Unbox Therapy

Throughout the video, Hilsenteger compares the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra prototype and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, disclosing that the Ultra-class handset is marginally narrower and thicker than its predecessor. This preliminary rendition of the iPhone 15 Ultra boasts a distinct glass back, a matte-finish titanium frame, a USB Type-C charging port, a ring/silent toggle, and a volume rocker. While the mockup largely corroborates existing rumors, it does not showcase the much-discussed solid-state buttons that have piqued widespread curiosity.

Additional modifications include:

  • A more compact camera module.
  • Slimmer display bezels.
  • A reduced Dynamic Island screen cut-out.

View the video above to see Unbox Therapy's comprehensive examination of the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra prototype.

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Unbox Therapy, a popular tech review YouTube channel, has shared a mockup of the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra, revealing significant design changes and confirming rumors. The video showcases a skinny bezel, measuring approximately 1.55mm compared to its predecessor's 2.17mm frame. In addition, the mockup has a matte back, brushed metal (perhaps titanium) sides, a USB-C port, a slightly smaller side button, unified volume up and down buttons, a mute/action button, and Dynamic Island.

The early expression of the iPhone 15 Ultra features a different glass backing, matte finish titanium frame, and a camera array similar to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The video offers tech enthusiasts and Apple followers an exciting sneak peek at the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra. However, the design is based on rumors and leaks, and it is not clear how accurate it is. The iPhone 15 Ultra is expected to launch in September this year.