Fixie Raises $17M In Seed For LLM Startup Led By Redpoint and Vets like Google And Apple

Fixie is a platform for the automation of large language models. It aims to support developers who want to include any LLM in their own applications. A cloud-based platform allows users to create, host, and scale natural language agents that can connect to any tools, data sources, or APIs.

Fixie Raises $17M In Seed For LLM Startup Led By Redpoint and Vets like Google And Apple

This is exciting news for Fixie and the LLM industry as a whole! The recent $17M seed funding for Fixie, led by renowned investors Redpoint and industry veterans from Google and Apple, is a significant milestone that will help further the development of LLM technology and bring innovative solutions to industries across various sectors.

With this funding, Fixie can continue its mission to create a more efficient and empowered workforce by leveraging the latest in AI-driven LLM technology. The seed funding will allow Fixie to expand its team, invest in R&D, and further develop its platform's capabilities. This is a great opportunity for Fixie to scale up and revolutionize the LLM industry by providing smarter solutions, increasing productivity, and reducing labor costs

About Large Language Model - (LLM)

An artificial intelligence - AI programme called a large language model (LLM) is made to comprehend and produce human language.

  • It analyses enormous volumes of text data using machine learning techniques and neural networks to discover linguistic structures and patterns.

  • The GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) series from OpenAI, which includes GPT-3, is one of the most notable examples of an LLM.

  • These models can produce extremely coherent and realistic language output, such as writing articles, responding to inquiries, and even having conversations.

  • This is possible because they are trained on vast volumes of text data from the internet and other sources.


Details Of The New Platform Provided BY Fixie

Fixie offers a cloud-based platform that enables developers to create, host, and scale out AI agents that can integrate directly into their apps. The company's ultimate goal is to provide them with everything they require to use any LLM of their choice.

  • Fixie uses LLMs as a computational engine, which signifies a fundamental shift in how software is built. While using Fixie, you wrap an existing data source or API in a small amount of code and connect it to a sizable language model of your choice.

  • When this happens, the agent can translate English questions from end users or even from other agents into calls to that external system.

  • Anyone can include an LLM into their own programme, data, or tool thanks to Fixie's developer preview platform, which is now available to everyone.

  • It was published shortly after OpenAI's own ChatGPT plugin, which enables developers to expand the functionality of the company's GPT-4 powered chatbot, was made available.

  • Although the platform of the company supports GPT-4 out of the box, it is built to let businesses connect to whatever technology they choose. Moreover, Fixie supports open-source and for-profit models including GPT-NeoX, Cohere, and AI21's Jurassic-2.

  • Users' identities, authentication, session management, storage, and setup, as well as all other LLM interactions and details for developers, are handled by the platform.

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Aplications Of The Platform

Fixie has a wide range of applications, including automation of customer relationship management, business intelligence, content development, and customer assistance.

  • For instance, a consumer might utilise the platform to read information about customer tickets, respond to English questions regarding order history, provide details for a support agent when creating a return label, or respond to inquiries from other customers.

  • With Fixie, LLM technology can be quickly and immediately included into an application at any level the user chooses, allowing for complete customization of how it functions.

  • Developers can select how data sources and APIs are displayed in their apps using Fixie's core platform, which connects to those resources.


About The Founders

  • CEO and co-founder Matt Welsh, a former engineering manager at Seattle-based machine learning startup OctoML, is in charge of Fixie. As a chief engineer at Google, Welsh spent a brief time working with Apple's machine intelligence division after the company hired him from the Seattle startup

  • One of the other co-founders of Fixie is CTO Justin Uberti, a seasoned engineering executive who worked for Google for more than 14 years, where he oversaw engineering for Stadia, the company's cloud gaming platform, and helped develop the Duo video calling app.

  • CPO and co-founder Zach Koch previously served as Shopify's director of product management. He has also worked at Google, where he oversaw teams responsible for Chrome and Pixel.

  • Hessam Bagherinez, co-founder and chief AI officer, also served as head of machine learning at before working for more than two years as a machine learning engineer at Apple.

The Investors:

  • The seed round, was led by Redpoint Ventures

  • Madrona Venture Group, Zetta Venture Partners, SignalFire, Bloomberg Beta, and Kearny Jackson, also participated.

  • Executives from Apple, Amazon, and Google also made investments.


According to Redpoint managing director Erica Brescia, "existing LLMs are tremendously powerful and will only get more sophisticated, but the actual magic comes from connecting them with internal data and processes to drastically alter the way businesses function." That is what Fixie provides.